God Codes

2017-10-22 01:46:33 by calicrazedbeats

God Does Not Want Your Money, Nor Does He want Your Materialistic Things. God Speaks in a Language of Feeling, Emotions, Peace and Love. Look around you, Nature Keeps your necessities at hand. The true language of God can be understood by feeling it in your soul.
Why do you think every time you speak, you speak a language with emotion? No matter what language it is in, the feeling of emotion can be understood.


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2017-10-24 22:44:21

Two words sum up this. Ludwig Feuerbach.

calicrazedbeats responds:

Thank You For listening to my words.
Very interesting philosophy this man came across about the infinite consciousness.
I have received some God Codes and Gifts from Angels. So indeed i believe we are in some multidimentional Infinite Matrix.